Wednesday, April 8, 2009


brad rented me 'Hook', i love that movie.
today was a good work day.
i worked check-in with my boss, we talked of my work schedule after my baby comes.
its a really nice feeling to know i will still have my job there, i remember lookin alllll over for a job with little pretzel brynn, i hate job hunting.
i'll work about 20 hrs a week, not too much, but i will still have a good income and keep busy, i like that.
brad and i are looking for a place, its hard, we will be poooor-ish.
i came home from work today and made a good penne rosa batch, brad came to dine but we separated after this for the jazz game, i wanted to go see majestic and have a place where presley could run wild while i relaxed.
the game was a disappointment, i almost give up on UT....-eeek did i just say that?
i did get a good shower in and christine cut my hair.
it was a happy place over at my parent's house tonight, minus them...
what are you doing over there in hawaii anyways, cath?
im tired now, i should go to bed.
i just took all of my supplements plus antibiotic....
im kinda sick of takin all this, am i done yet?

me myself who cant swallow pills..........

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alexandra jade said...

ugh mooch. you crazy for doing all that. hahaha. presley is just like amber sometimes. :}