Monday, October 25, 2010

full of it

dallas is the monday night football game,
some warm smelling chocolate something is in the oven right now thanks to jade and carson reggie sky the 3rd.
Presley and grampa are being lazy in the family room,
I am awaiting Brad's arrival home from his loooong monday.
im covering someones shift tomorrow, so goodbye this week's tuesday day off, plus i will be working on sunday, but i need it.
Brad made me his homemade mexican pizza twice this week, he doesnt even let me help anymore, i use to grate the cheese or spread the refried beans onto the crust, but no-now he is obsessed with making it perfect, and gosh-it really is delish.
i feel like i need to drink a gallon of water it sounds very good right now.
dont you even feel like gulpin down some h20 after eating ice cream?
i'd really like to meet my newest little nephew, trying to figure out a time to take off.
i miss my mom right about now though.
im wearin an old piece of glass 'round my neck today.
spiced up my wardrobe it did.
i need a new wardrobe.
i gotta go change over my laundry & feeeelgood*
hey-im a mom.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

happy birthday bean

cookin to the left, football game to the right.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunday, September 5, 2010


i'm eating a really great salad.
about to wash big dishes for mom.
jack is napping.
presley is writing cameron a letter.
brad is golfing-(day 2 in a row).
its been fun visiting with relatives and getting settled in.
happy to have tomorrow off, oh how i love my paid holidays.
its been a minute, eh?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

may twelve

my babygirl is 4!
what the world?!
I asked her what she wanted for her special dinner, anything she wants tonight. she said pasta with the white sauce
fettucinne alfredo.
& salad.. even tho she wont eat salad, we will. caesar salad it is.
so i made it all...from scratch.
including the dressing, it was my first time and it turned out yummy.
right down to the shaved parmesan on our salads, we had a great little dinner put 4 candles in 4 carrot cupcakes and sang to my new big girl!

our party will be saturday, lots of special friends coming to attend!
lucas jude & company should be arriving on friday evening
don&barb-0ur hippie friends will come bring their tie-dye supplies so please bring something to color up!!!

im very tired, feeling sluggish.
iwish i could take a break from my job, for just a minute and just catch up on myself.

helped chuck lay bark, jade and i felt like we were teens helping with the yardwork again.
we're so funny, now that we have kids.
whenever she suggests we do something, i always say
'not with these kids!!!'
me and jade need a night out!

baby jack will be walking soon, he took a couple steps today,
he is a crazy crazy boy
for sure.

its supposed to be nice this weekend, im looking forward to a hike with frek soon.
all my pictures will soon come, once i get a chance to sit at my moms without any bother.
i'll show you soon.
we're pretty happy over here
just trying
it all

Friday, April 16, 2010

i have somany pictures to show you guys.

just beat brad in a game of cricket darts.
its a good weekend.
thanks for bringin me the kids jade.
saw kody for a minute.
4 yr olds birthday party at the park tomorrw.
a weekend all in the 70'z
hopefully see sasha for her birthday.
sudnay softball and
drum circle with majestic, jack, annie and rachel.
you should come.
gonna go watch standup with brad.
and callmy mom/