Wednesday, April 23, 2008

love IS

what i got.

i have too much to say these days that i always stamp a picture to my blog in place of a memory.
hey-they say a picture holds a thousand words
(dont they?)

the snow will slowly melt from our mountains.
i got to see minus the bear last night.
i love them.
i love being overly satisfied with a concert.
annie gave me lots of daisy seeds.
my spider plant is growing like crazy.
there is no time for anything.
i want to take Presley Brynn to the zoo.

im becoming nervous and agitated by not knowing what is causing kody to be so sick.
my thoughts, prayers, and hopeful vibes are sent he & jade(&babyboy)'s direction.


cathmom said...

That picture is worth a thousand words. I'm going to store it in a very safe heart place so I can pull it up when I need to feel extra happy.
And I know
One thing

Steen said...

thats presley and i doing what we do best. being crazies.